The last decade has been a whirlwind of new technology and gadgets. It seems like every week there’s a new product launch, or the latest software update for us to test out and enjoy. Thanks to the tireless inventors, scientists and technology firms we truly are in the digital age; and we love it. Here are some of the gadgets that have changed our lives the most in the last decade.


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Cell phones and smartphones

What phone did you have 10 years ago, do you remember? It was likely to either be a Nokia, a Motorola or a Sony Ericsson; three companies that dominated the mobile phone world a decade ago. Since then we have had the launch of the Apple iPhone, HTC and Blackberry models and more advanced technology than you can shake a stick at. Now we can access anything we want on the go, including our emails, social networks and even our business data. Long gone are the days when Snake was the only game you could play on your phone, and SMS messages were the latest and greatest invention.

Global Positioning Systems

In the last 10 years ago GPS has gone from being something that the military use to track movement to a household must-have. Most people in the Western World will use some form of GPS whether that be a sat-nav or an app on their phone. The technology has advanced immensely, meaning that it is now cheaper, and more effective to use global positioning systems whilst out and about. There have been many other inventions used by NASA and the military that we’ve adopted, but this one has changed our lives the most. After all, it means you don’t need to carry around a paper map in your car anymore.

3D Printers

Although 3D printers were effectively invented in the 1980s, it is only now that this gadget is becoming more widely available and exponentially useful. What used to cost millions of dollars can now be bought for a few thousand dollars, by anyone in the world. This clever invention is being improved all the time, and it won’t be long before everyone has a 3D printer in their house. So far, scientists have managed to print out ammunition, just like tula ammo, medical equipment, and even new homes. We can only imagine what this bit of kit will be able to do in another 10 years!

MP3 Players

First there was vinyl, then there was cassettes, CDs came next and even mini disks got a look in for a couple of years. Now, music is all about downloads and the MP3 player has helped to make this technology huge! The first MP3 players were basic, with the ability to hold about 10-15 songs. Then Apple came in, with the iPod, and the technology took off. MP3 players could suddenly play videos, games and photo slideshows. Now, most of our music is held on our phones, laptops or tablets, but it would never have been as high-tech if it wasn’t for the MP3 player invention.

Writers in centuries past thought that, by the Year 2000, we would have hoverboards and flying cars; little did they know we would be able to print our own buildings, use military technology to get us home and talk to each other wherever we were in the world. Let’s see what the next 10 years will bring. Hopefully those flying cars!